Grant Youth Basketball Club Summer League Rules and Guidelines

Grant Youth Basketball Club Summer League

Rules and Guidelines


1.) The purpose of Grant Youth Basketball Club's (GYB) Summer League is to provide a fun, competitive atmosphere in which boys and girls can further develop basketball skills.

2.) Participants in GYB's Summer League will learn the fundamentals of the game of basketball, and develop a sense of fair play and good sportsmanship.

3.) A major goal of GYB's Summer League is maximum participation by each player. It is intended that playing time be as equal as possible.

League Information

1.) All Players must be registered and have paid all fees in order to participate in this Summer League.

2.) There will be different levels of competition each week. Specific rules, expectations, and guidelines may vary depending on the level of game being played.


1.) Game balls will be provided. Based on the majority of participants of any particular contest an appropriate sized ball will be used. Either an intermediate size ball (28.5" circumference) or a Men's regulation (29.5 ball) will be provided.

2.) Uniforms: The jersey fee includes a reversible jersey for each player in the league. Players must wear league jerseys each week.

3.) Shorts: We require that players wear shorts. Shorts with pockets, rivets, or belt loops are not allowed for safety purposes. Shorts must be worn properly - no sagging.

4.) Basket Height is regulation 10 feet.

5.) Players are required to wear athletic shoes (non - marking souls) for all games.

6.) Players may not wear anything that may be hazardous to themselves or the other players on the court. Necklaces, earrings, rings, and watches are not allowed. This includes stud earrings. All jewelry must be removed prior to game.

Game Details

1.) Two, 20 minute running time halves with 2 minutes between halves. Clock stops only during the last two minutes of a game if there is a 6 point spread or less. This decision is made at the 2-minute mark based on the score at that point and continues until the game ends. The clock does not switch between stop and running if the score goes above or below the 6 point lead.

2.) Overtime period shall be sudden death meaning the first team to score a basket wins with the maximum amount of time possible, 2 minutes.

3.) Time-Outs: Each team is entitled to 3 thirty second stop-time time timeouts per game.

4.) There will be an official book keeper and a timer for all games. Score keepers should sit together. The timer is responsible for notifying the Official when there are 2 minutes remaining in the game. The Official will then notify both coaches of the time remaining.

5.) Games will begin by 6:10 pm, 7:10 pm, 8:10 pm, and 9:10

6.) Teams will be allowed to play with 4 players for the entire game. The 5th player may enter the game when they arrive.

7.) Teams are required to play person to person (man to man) defense only. Zone defense is not allowed. Basic defensive moves such as switching and sliding through screens is permissible.

8.) In the 6:00 games double teaming above the free throw line is prohibited. Double teaming is okay below the free throw line as long as a player is not playing zone.

Trapping and double teaming anywhere on the court is acceptable in the 7:10 and 8:10 games but there is no zone defense.

9.) If a team or any players on a team are playing zone defense, they get one warning and then a technical foul will be assessed.

10.) Substitutions may be made at any time without a dead ball situation. Subbing can be done "on the fly."

11.) In the 6:10 games the ball is allowed to be advanced to half court before pressure can begin by the defense.

12.) Backcourt violations will be called in all level games.

13.) In the 6:10 games: Teams may only man to man press during the last 5 minutes of the game.

In the 7:10 and 8:10 games, teams may man to man press anytime.

14.) Jump Ball: A jump ball will be used to start the game only. Possession will alternate for held balls through each half and to begin the second half.

15.) Fouls will be kept. There is a maximum of 5 fouls before a player is ejected from a game.

16.) When a player is fouled on a shot an automatic point is added to the team's score and a player will to go the line to shoot one free throw - unless it is during the last 2 minutes of a game and it is stop time. During stop time there will be no automatic points added to a team's score. The player who was fouled on a shot will shoot 2 shots (or 3 if fouled shooting a 3 point shot).

17.) If a player is fouled on a shot and the shot is made that player will go to the line and shoot one free throw.

18.) On the 7th team foul during stop time a player who is fouled will shoot 1 and 1.

19.) On the 10th foul during stop time a player who is fouled will shoot 2 shots.

20.) If/When a team commits a 7th, 8th, 9th 10th (or more) foul (bonus) if not in stop time an automatic point will be added and the fouled player will shoot one shot.

21.) If a player intentionally fouls or harms a player, he/she may be removed from the game permanently.

22.) Violations, such as traveling, double dribble and too much time in the key will be called.

23.) Coaches are not required to play every player for an equal amount of time but will use discretion based on a players' attitude, sportsmanship, conduct, and skill level. All players will have an equal opportunity to play in every game.

24.) Coaches will be assessed a technical foul for unsportsmanlike conduct. The referee has the authority to eject a coach from a game at any time. If a coach is ejected, he/she must leave the gym completely. Two technical fouls result in an automatic ejection.

25.) Fan Conduct: All coaches, parents and spectators shall remain outside of the basketball court. Only positive comments are appropriate in a youth sport setting. Referees are in charge of the game. Parents are encouraged to sit opposite the teams - not on the same side as the coaches.

26.) Parents and spectators may be given one warning and/or can be ejected from the game for negative comments, arguing with or harassing the referees or coaching their kids or other players from the sidelines. Parents' direction from the sidelines confuses the players and undermines the coaches.