About Grant Youth Basketball Summer League

The Grant Youth Basketball Summer League is very different from a player's regular team, and has sometimes been referred to as "organized open gym."

We put safety and sportsmanship first: To help ensure your child has a safe and fun summer in our league, all GYB coaches are required to pass national background checks. We also provide mandatory orientation for players, parents, high school interns, and coaches, require that code of conduct forms are signed by all coaches, players and parents, and hire professional referees. Each game has one paid professional ref and one volunteer junior ref. To learn more about our coaches,click here

Players will play for different coaches and with different team mates from week to week. This provides a lot of flexibility with summer schedules and activities, as well as an opportunity to learn from a variety of coaches. If you can't make it every week, that's okay.

Games are co-ed. Girls and boys with similar skill levels play in the same games. Some girls may find this a little intimidating at first, but that usually doesn't last long. From time to time, we may have "all girls games" and "all boys games" and that's fun, too.

There are no practices. We typically offer optional skills sessions, for an extra fee, on a night separate from Summer League. When Skills is offered, we will put a notice on the home and registration pages. Spots are limited so register early.

We try to provide close, competitive games. When players arrive at the gym, about 10 minutes before their scheduled game time, they check in and are assigned to a coach and a court. We do not assign players to a game time or to a team based on what team their friends are on. Assignments are based on skill levels and game time assignments will not be changed to accomodate an individual player's schedule or requests. If you are not comfortable with this policy, you should not register your child for this league.

Some of our rules are a little different than regular season rules. To maximize playing time, we substitute "on the run", and shorten free throw times by granting 1 automatic point and shooting only 1 free throw (except in the last two minutes.) The overtime win goes to the first team to score. We do not play zone defense. Full court pressing is allowed in the the later games, but only during the last 5 minutes of the earlier games. Teams with a lead of 10 or more points may not press. See League Rules for more details.

We strive to provide A LOT of playing time. The goal of summer league is to play hard and have fun. Players who display a positive attitude and good sportsmanship can expect mostly equal playing time, up to the last two minutes of the game, when coaches may choose the line-up they think works best for that game. Coaches have discretion to limit playing time for players who are not displaying a positive attitude and good sportsmanship. The first week of league will likely have a higher number of participants, approximately 9 or 10 players per team. As summer schedules get busier, those numbers will decrease, and players can expect to see a lot of playing time each week.

Grant Youth Basketball (formely Laurelhurst Basketball Club) is a non-profit organization founded by Bernadette Diepenbrock, Molly Newcomer and Melody Hansen in 2009.

Our Board of Directors currently includes Sarah Dunkin, Heather MacNeill, Janice Ordal, and Caver Ealy. The Grant varsity Coaches serve as Coach Consultants.